Biden Picks Fight with Freedom Caucus

Joe Biden just announced his new strategy: Attack the House Freedom Caucus.

Washington insiders in both parties are cheering him on. But I’m writing to tell you: SO SHOULD CONSERVATIVES.

We’re not afraid of this fight. The American people are sick of weak, corporate Republicans holding hands with Democrats while our country comes apart at the seams.

That is why the Freedom Caucus proposed its own “Shrink Washington, Grow America” plan. This bold proposal would only increase the debt limit if Congress agrees to these critical reforms:

✅  Cut spending. This would eliminate President Biden’s $400 billion student loan bailout, unobligated COVID-19 funds, and so-called climate change spending.

✅  Cap future spending. The plan would set topline discretionary spending at the 2022 level for 10 years, allowing for only 1% annual growth and saving roughly $3 trillion over the long term.

✅  Grow the economy. The plan would curtain burdensome regulations, expand domestic energy production, and restore work requirements for welfare programs.

But of course, Joe Biden is lashing out! He opposes conservative policies and can’t run on his own record:

❌  Inflation
❌  Crime
❌  Bank failures
❌  Border crisis
❌  Corruption
❌  Woke schools
❌  China’s Rise

He sneers and calls us “MAGA Republicans.” That’s Joe Biden for you: he thinks making America great again is an insult!

We love America and are proud to fight for the principles of freedom that have made it great.

The media and their corporate bosses will do everything they can to join the attacks. But this is the contrast we want. Joe Biden has been a disaster for two years. His policies have made our country worse. We want the national debate to be between his corruption and incompetence and our bold, principled agenda to rescue America.

We want to talk about unleashing domestic energy, standing up to China, cracking down on crime, sealing the border, holding Big Tech accountable, and bringing American jobs home.

Joe Biden is bailing out banks, flooding the country with Mexican fentanyl, and drowning our kids in debt. Any real conservative should relish that debate.

✓  Biden says we want to cut the budget? Yes!

✓  He says we want to fix Social Security and Medicare? Yes!

✓  He says we want to cut taxes? Heck yes!

✓  He says we want to defund left-wing agencies? Absolutely!

This is exactly the debate the country deserves. And exactly the one conservatives have sought all along.

House Freedom Fund stands ready to defend House conservatives against Joe Biden’s cynical attacks. He has failed the country. The House Freedom Caucus and America First ideas are not the problem — they are the solution.

Thank you for being part of our team and doing so much to stand with the Freedom Caucus in the fight for America’s future.

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