AZ-08: Debbie Lesko for Congress

State Senator Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) is running for the Republican nomination in the special election for Congress in Arizona’s 8th district. She’s a proven conservative leader who will fight for limited government, economic freedom, and personal responsibility.

Lesko was elected to the Arizona state house in 2008 and to the state senate in 2012. She has fought for lower taxes, fewer regulations, pension reform, school choice, and greater protections for the unborn.

If she’s elected, she will stand up to the big spenders in both parties.

“In Congress I will fight for a balanced budget, to end budget gimmicks, and to rein in spending that both parties have let get out of control,” said Lesko. “If that means I have to tell Speaker Ryan no, then that’s exactly what I will do. No more burdening the generations that come after us with massive debts. The time to tackle this is now.”

Please support Debbie Lesko in the February 27th primary election by donating to her campaign today.

The primary election is the race that counts since the Republican nominee will be heavily favored in the general election. Now is the time for conservatives to help elect the best candidate.

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