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A flood of new polls is sending woke elites into a panic — and giving conservatives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

One in March found that Americans oppose biological boys playing girls’ sports by 7-to-1!

An April poll showed that Americans now support mass deportations of illegal immigrants to finally secure the border.

A May poll showed that Americans are so sick of woke, anti-Semitic criminals, shutting down college campuses that by 2-to-1 margins, they believe universities have been too lenient on the protesters.

The media keeps spinning — but it’s not working. The truth is breaking through.

The country knows woke extremists have gone crazy and want to change course. The question is: will it matter?

Remember, the biggest reason the Left has gone over the edge is that they don’t think the GOP will do anything about it. They have watched weak Washington leaders like Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Mitt Romney, and Kevin McCarthy squander Republican opportunities for decades. 

Democrats have seen this movie before. Unfortunately, so have we.

That’s why, in 2024, it’s urgently important for conservatives to take the lead. We can’t sit back and let Democrats’ extremism win us elections. We can’t hope for the media to cover the campaign honestly. And we can’t rely on Republican insiders to find the right strategy.

We have to create this majority. We have to win the key races across the country.

That means we must elect the toughest, smartest, most principled conservative fighters to the House of Representatives this year. 

House Freedom Fund is the way for grassroots conservatives to make it happen.

HFF is not a Republican PAC funneling money to candidates just because of the “R” by their name. No, the GOP establishment hates HFF for the same reason it hates the House Freedom Caucus — because we fight for conservative priorities.

We stand on principle over party and country over convenience. And right now, our country is in grave trouble.

The American people are ready to give conservative leaders a chance — but that means we have to elect them.

In 2024, HFF is finding, vetting, and backing the best slate of conservative House candidates in decades. They are ready to win and ready to lead.

All they need to take back the House — and take back our country — is our support now. In the primaries. In the general election.

Conservatives have a chance to make history this year. We can’t squander it.

Please support HFF and priority candidates today. 

Paid for by House Freedom Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


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